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3 New York wine series

NYSWO's customers are primarily national distributors in China. However, our operation philosophy is to promote wine culture as well as selling wines. We encourage Chinese customers to taste and understand wines. We make New York wines both upscale and popular. Last year, American wine export has exceeded Francis to become world's #1. The secret to the success is American wine makers expanded in female customer market. We see the great potential of Chinese wine market, especially in Chinese female customers. New York wines are the best choice for Chinese women in terms of exceptional taste and rich wine culture. American wine culture is liberal and elegant, making women wiser, more graceful and more beautiful. We'll focus on upscale Chinese customers as well as average customers. Therefore, we have presented the following series,

1. Limited series: Vintage wines, Chateau wines, state banquet wines, and club wines for upscale customers.

2. Business series: Special wines from famous vineyards, celebrity's picks, and American upper class banquet wines for business relations.

3. Ladies series: Low alcohol content, elegant, beautifying, picked by super models and celebrities, such as  ice wine and blueberry wine for female customers.

Regional outlets and distributors please do your best in promotion and marketing, and get ready for customers' orders.

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