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Thousand Islands Winery and New Yuan (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd collaborate to co-devel

Thousand Islands Winery is a member of NYSWO. The winery has seen their promising future in Chinese wine market through the NYSWO exhibition and promotion window. Thousand Islands Winery took a step forward from just using the NYSWO exhibition and trading platform, they have recently decided to collaborate with New Yuan (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd to co-develop Chinese wine market. Thousand Islands Winery has changed their business development strategy from passive to taking initiatives, which is in turn greatly expanding Thousand Islands Winery's influence in Chinese market. New Yuan (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd as Thousand Islands Winery's partner in Chinese market, are providing comprehensive distributing and sales services to Thousand Islands Winery to market their high quality wines.

1. Sales on Chinese E Commerce portals with national impact

2. Sales on national distributors' online shops

3. Sales at New Yuan (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd's Hong Kong and Taiwan distribution outlets

Currently, both parties are working on market planning in brand building, pricing and order management. Thousand Islands Winery is supplying outstanding products, while New Yuan (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd is providing highly reliable distribution channels. Based on the feedback from NYSWO's exhibition, Thousand Islands Winery has shown their strength required to establish and grow in Chinese market. The collaboration is an embodiment of NYSWO's function as a wine outlet. With more and more members choose New Yuan (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd as their distribution partner, NYSWO will be the No. 1 US wine outlet in China.

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