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Gold and Silver medal awards

I have wonderful news for you from the Shanghai International Wine Challenge. Wagner Vineyards’ Vidal Blanc Ice, 2011 and Riesling Select, 2011 have won the Gold Medal and Silver Medal! Congratulations to you and Laura!

Your wining of Gold Medal reflects Chinese wine market’s acknowledgement of the exceptional quality of New York State wines. Your wines will lead New York State wines’ entry to the huge Chinese wine market and make a name there. This is your credit for great sales of New York State wines in China. It’s a new era of New York State wine export history.

We appreciate your participation in NYSWO. Your choice of Chinese wine market will help your business grow immensely. Chinese distributors have remembered “瓦格纳酒庄” (the Chinese name of Wagner Vineyards), a Gold Medal quality US wine maker. Good luck with you and all participating wine makers


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